Now booking for Spring and Fall 2016 programming What's unique about Live Arts Education?

  • We aren't just after school "club leaders."  We have licensed teachers on staff who design, review, and edit our lesson plans.
  • Our staff is small - expect the same teacher at your site each week!
  • We custom design programs based on what YOU think your school needs.  Need science?  Movement?  30 minutes?  50 minutes?  We make it work for you.
  • We have references, so please ask!  Send us a simple email and we will send at least three other after school coordinators who have hired us in the past year.
  • We believe in quality.  After school teachers show up refreshed as if it's the start to a new school day.  Supplies are fresh, curriculums are flexible, and school standards are met.
  • We care about your school and your students.  We make every effort to take on your school's discipline policies, cultural atmostphere, and unique expectations. 

At LIVE ARTS EDUCATION, we're all about building bridges.  We believe that our after school programming supports children as they build bridges towards

personal goals
good citizenship
higher education

Through mobile enrichment, we offer theatrical programming which includes elements of art, music, and dance for grades K-12 in the Boston area.  While our classes are fun for our students, every class works toward an educational goal and supports teamwork, moral development, wise choices, and positive peer support.  We unite with teachers and schools in order to address important issues.  We believe that our programming is not just something to "do" after school but rather an activity that leads us to "do" good in our lives.  Our focus is on building better individuals for a better community. 

What is mobile enrichment? we are a mobile company with no store front, facility, or isolated location.  We bring our programming directly to students in their own schools as part of school-wide and community-wide enrichment programs.

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